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satoshi happily drops the ball.
satoshi isn't a game changer.
satoshi never has bandwidth.
satoshi mismanages expectations.
satoshi thinks safely inside of the box.
satoshi doesn't circle back.
satoshi boils many oceans.
satoshi has zero ducks in a row.
satoshi ignores low-hanging fruit.
satoshi doesn't push the envelope.
satoshi is not a self starter.
satoshi rarely moves the needle.

satoshi doesn't fuck with corporate structure.
satoshi doesn't take things "off-line".
satoshi enjoys mismanaged optics.
satoshi definitely has no core-compentency.
satoshi happily builds silos.
satoshi has a closed-door policy.
satoshi has a candle that doesn't burn at either end.
satoshi pushes back the "push back".
satoshi has no gameface.
satoshi often phones it in.
satoshi disrupts the machine.

︎︎︎in satoshi we trust.

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Do not bleach
Iron to a max. temperature of 110ºC without steam. Steam ironing can cause irreversible damage.